Axxys Stair parts Fitting Guide-help with fitting stairs.

Please Note

Please take extra care when handling and installing a pre-finished product.  Extra Care should be taken to avoid damaging the finish.

Please Check

Please check all components very carefully before installation for any damaged to the finish.

Please Check

Should you be retaining your existing newel posts please check that they are of a suitable height to accommodate Axxy’s Balustrading System.

Please be aware SHAW STAIRS LTD cannot be held responsible for any damage once installation has commenced.

All items eg... Ball Caps,Handrail Connectors,Base Connectors and Tubes Brackets are supplied with fitting instructions inside packaging.

Axxy’s™ is designed for use in domestic situations and will fit most closed string staircases with hand rail heights of 900mm on the rake and 900mm on the landings. 

Axxy’s™ is manufactured to precise tolerances, however, be aware that timber is a natural product and some distortion, expansion and sometimes shrinkage can occur. 

If timber components (i.e. spigots or hand rails) are slightly oversize , gently sand or shave the timber until a tight fit is achieved, being careful only to sand / shave the part of the component that is going to be concealed by the metal or plastic connector.

If the timber component is lightly under size the tolerance can be taken up by using a gap filling adhesive.

Axxy’s™   can be installed using the existing staircase bases or with new newel bases.  If the newel bases are existing these must be positioned central to the stair string and in front of the riser concerned

Fitting of Newel Base Connector

Before fixing the newel base connector it is important it is set in at the correct height. 

Before removing any existing Newel Bases, please check to ensure they are non- structural.

When using Axxy’s™ your existing newel bases must be a minimum of 81x81xmm square, if they measure less the sides will have to be built up using suitable material.

Installation of the Newel Base Connectors

Please note that when using an Axxy’s™Newel base the centre can be taken to be the dimple at bottom of the spigot hole.  If using an existing newel base mark the centre on top of the base by drawing a line from Corner to Corner then drill a 35mm deep x 50mm diameter hole (using our 50mm spur drill). On the face of the newel mark a centre line, then measure 124mm down from the top of the newel base using a25mm flat bit, drill a countersink hole, then using a 20mm drill bit, drill a hole past the centre of the newel base (Drawing 3 )(coming soon).

From the top of the newel base using the same centre as the 50mm diameter hole drill a 13mm hole down the newel base to a depth of 140mm from the surface of the newel base (Drawing 3 )(coming soon).

Please note that all drilling operations should be accurate, straight and level.

Please clear all newly drilled holes of swarf and chippings.  Place the spigot of the base connector into the 50mm dia hole, insert and locate the 20mm barrel nut as shown on drawing 5a by locating the barrel nut and inserting the 12mm cap screw (with spring washer) through the base connector. Tighten using the allen key.  The base connector is now ready to accept a newel turning.  Simply insert newel turning into connector making sure that the head is square to the newel base.  Screw into placing using chrome screws provided.

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How to Fit Handrail

This is a job best done by two people.  Before fitting handrail the lengths required must be established.  This can be done by setting one complete adjustable handrail bracket against the newel base at the bottom where it creates an angle with the base rail already fitted. Insert hand rail and mark off the length required by measuring against another complete bracket held against the newel base at the other end of the stair case.

When making this measurement please remember that you will have to allow for any difference between the size of the newel base and the head of the newel turning.  If using an existing base this could be as much as 12mm.

Once you have cut the hand rail to length fix a spindle to either end of the base rail and lock into position.  All holes for spindle brackets should be pre-drilled.  The baluster should be fixed no more than 99mm from the narrowest part of the newel post turning.

When spindles have been fixed, use these as your guide to the height of the hand rail and mark its position on the head of the newel post at either end.  Once this has been done the adjustable handrail bracket can be fixed to the newel post using screws provided.

Remembering to pre-drill all holes for the spindle bracket the rest of the spindles can now be fixed.

In order to space the remainder of the baluster evenly measure the distance in mm between the inside of the 2 balusters already fitted and divide by 148.5.  Round the answer up to the next whole number and divide the whole number back into the original measurement and this will give you the exact spacing.

Pre-drill all holes for the handrail brackets after marking their position on the hand rail and base rail.

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